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Hosts: Alfred & Ann Marie Benoit

Ann & I are eleventh generation Acadians with our roots reaching back to the 1600's. We both lived in Pomquet going to the same school until the third grade. While Ann stayed in Pomquet, I left to go live in New Hampshire, USA in 1960. I returned to Pomquet in 1976 and got re-acquainted with Ann Marie. We were married in 1978 and now have three wonderful children, Daniel, Élise and Marcel.

Don't worry we don't dress like this everyday!!
Taken on our niece's wedding day.
L. to R. - Daniel, Élise, Marcel, Ann Marie, Alfred

Daniel is our eldest and designed this website for us. Élise is going to Alberta in August 2006 where her twin brother, Marcel, as been employed in that province for almost two years. Ann Marie retired in 2004 after working over 30 years for the Province of Nova Scotia. I am currently working for a forestry consultant company. I also research Acadian genealogy and history as a hobby.

When Ann Marie retired, our plans for the Bed & Breakfast were already well underway. Three months after her retirement we opened for business as the 'Piping Plover B&B.' One of the reasons we chose this name was that we thought it would be unique. This little bird returns to our local beach every summer. Due to increased human activity and its well-camouflaged nests on the beaches, this plover is on the endangered species list.

The most enjoyable part of operating a B&B is meeting people from various parts of the world. We have learned much about the world through the diversity of our guests. The sharing of their cultures and life experiences and ours is in itself an experience. So we invite everyone from far and near to our little corner of Earth to visit, relax and enjoy a bit of Pomquet and its environs.