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Pomquet's biggest attraction is the Pomquet Provincial Beach Park which is approximately a 5 minute drive from our B&B. This Beach is known for being the best example of dune succession at least in Atlantic Canada. The beach itself is about 4kms long and is the nesting grounds for the Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus) our B&B's namesake. The entrance to the beach is gated at night, and has a large parking lot. Boardwalks take you from the parking lot to the beach. There is also a boardwalk that goes through some of the dunes. At the beginning of the boardwalks in the parking area there are change rooms and washrooms.
The view of the beach from Chez DesLauriers
The beach also from Chez DesLauriers
A sailboat as seen from the beach
A view of the beach off of the boardwalk
A view down the beach from the boardwalk (Chez DesLauriers is the house on the cliff)
The beach during rough waters

The Chez DesLauriers tearoom is located on the Monk's Head road. The tearoom is located a top of a cliff overlooking Pomquet Beach, Pomquet Harbour and St. George's Bay. This beautifully restored old farm house was built circa 1860. At around 1900 it was moved to its present location by a team of 20 oxen after being purchased by Femian Delorey. Now it serves as a tearoom as well as a gathering place for many of the summer celebrations held by the people of Pomquet including corn boils, lobster suppers and many others.
Chez DesLaurier
The field behind Chez DesLauriers
View of Pomquet Harbour from Chez DesLauriers
The tearoom