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Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus northern)

Being so close to the forest and the Village of Pomquet being a very rural community, we are privileged to be living in close proximity to the natural world. While staying at our B&B you may get lucky enough to see many examples of wildlife, from Rabbits to Deer, Hummingbirds to Eagles, and even the rarely seen Red Fox to the distinctive Canada Goose.

White-tailed Deer
We keep multiple bird feeders set up around the property. Our feeders keep a multitude of our feathery friends coming back to our property year after year.

Our Feathery Friends
Boreal Chickadee
Evening Grosbeak
Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Chipping Sparrow
It's a feeding frenzy!
This is how crazy the birds can get around our feeders. All of the yellow birds that you see are American
Goldfinches and the reddish birds are Purple Finches.

Although they don't feed at the feeders these Canada Geese do make a stop over when flying back to the North in Springtime.

An all year 'round dweller and usually very pushy when it comes to the feeders, the Blue Jay is quite the common bird.

A seasonal resident, the Red-winged Blackbird lives in marshy areas. Quite the beautiful bird but tough enough to not being the pushover when the Blue Jay comes along to the feeders.

Our B&B's namesake. This tiny little bird comes back to the beach from which it was born to raise it's own offspring. This little guy is unfortunately an endangered species but is protected on our beach.

We also have other wildlife that can show up practically on our doorstep!